Weekly Online Arabic Program – Intermediate Level

Weekly Online Arabic Program – Intermediate Level (Telegram Notes)

In this level, students will study:

  • Metrics/Poetry Scales علم العروض
  • Poetry Rhyming Schemes علم القوافي

Learning the above two subjects are extremely important when studying tafsir as many mufassirun quote poetry from Jahilliyyah to understand the meanings of words. Understanding these forms and how they are built will give a better insight into comprehending poetry.

  • Exercises in إملاء – learn the different types of hamzas and alifs and how to correctly write them in their different forms
  • Meanings contained within words like في ب عن من ما and more!

Fee: $60 for 3 months ($20 per month – $1.25 per note)

Pay here:


Please include your name and telegram number with the country code in the notes section.

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