Tasnuva N. | Stony Brook University | Arabic 101

I came to the class with a view to learning the basic rules of Arabic grammar and a little bit of vocabulary but what I ended up with was so much more. Not only had I been introduced to the different manifolds of complicated Arabic grammar in a simple way but also got a chance to increase my knowledge of the Islamic history.

I really loved the little stories from the lives of our Prophets that our instructor, brother Abdus Salam used to enumerate. Being a graduate student, it seemed a bit difficult for me to attend a full blown arabic language course so I was looking for something concise but thorough. This intensive Summer Arabic-101 course fit perfectly to my needs and schedule. This course helped me a lot with the correct pronunciations of the Arabic letters and day-to-day expressions.
I wish all the success to the Key to Knowledge NYC team and looking forward to attending the next phase of the language course in sha Allah. Jazak Allahu Khair.