Muhammad S. | City Tech | Arabic 101

The Arabic Language, the only path which will aid an individual to understand the Quran and the Sunnah. I can only say so much with my limited experience with the Arabic Language. It was a blessing from Allah to be a part of a very enthusiastic and motivating class instructed by our beloved brother ‘AbdusSalaam (May Allah preserve him). One of the first question’s that brother ‘AbdusSalaam asked to start the class was, “What’s your intention, motive, or reasoning behind learning the Arabic Language?” It was crucial to start the class with this. For the reason being that we would use this motive to push ourselves to learn the Arabic Language when hit with any hurdles.

I had a great experience, for the short period that the class was held. The class was very interactive, with everyone given the opportunity to ask and answer questions  pertaining to the topic of discussion. The class was divided into sections of dictation, reading, grammar rules, and expressions. Learning the different grammar rules was very beneficial. I was able to apply these rules during the class readings and homework assignments. The grammar rules also helped me understand the Quran better. Its an astounding feeling when I’m able to understand what the Imam recites in the congregational prayer.

The Brother ‘AbdusSalaam made the class very simple for everyone to comprehend. He was very helpful in advising and providing the students with the things which would aid them to learn the Arabic Language. From his motivational videos – to his translated works from different scholars of Islam – they were very encouraging.