Mariyam U. | Bronx Community College | Arabic 109

Keys To Knowledge : Preparing For Tarawih Arabic Crash Course was honestly THE BEST 15 DAYS EVER! In the beginning I felt like I was going to drop the course but that would’ve been my biggest regret. I’ve learned so much more about the arabic language than I have in a regular close to home arabic school. It was fun and challenging. It has helped open my mind to an understanding of the Quran just by learning verbs and nouns etc. I honestly can say I understand alot of the Quran without even having to hold a Mushaf. Also before I forget , the teacher Abu Awza’ee Abdus Salaam helped us a lot as well on pace and smoothly with great understanding May Allah reward him and his family ameen! I can’t wait for the next course In Sha Allah. If you haven’t joined , Join or you’ll really be missing out!