Mamunur R. | Hunter College | Arabic 109

This Arabic class was the answer to my dua. I always wanted to learn Arabic so I can understand the Quran better and I just never found time because I was so busy with school, work, and family responsibilities. I used to make dua to Allah that I can learn Arabic but everything I tired just wasn’t working out, until I found this class ‘Preparing for Tarawih’ from the K2K institute. It was at the perfect time, right after finals and it was in the afternoon as well so I could go straight from work to class. The teacher made sure we all knew the concepts before we moved on and provided many activities to practice what we learned.

A very effective technique was a review session in the beginning of every class to go over what we learned previously. Another positive about K2K is that they live stream/record their classes, so if anything befalls you last moment and you can’t the class you can always catch it online. When the class is all said and done you can always re-watch the videos for any lesson that you didn’t really understand or need more clarification on.