Khadijah R. | John Jay College | Arabic 109

I hope this review speaks to the level of this course’s greatness and that this encourages you all to take the course as well. Alhamdulilah, after only 15 days, I gained the skills to write sentences in Arabic and translate sentences from Arabic into English. The following sentence and rules are examples of what I was able to translate into English. اَلْمَاءُ أَمْبَنُ مِنْ الْقَمَرِ Translation: The water is clearer than the moon.
1) The water (الْمَاءُ) is Definite (المعرفة) because it has (ال), therefore it cannot have tanween, and it must take a dhamma.
2) The original word of أَمْبَنُ is مُبِيْنٌ and I know it was conjugated because a) it looked familiar, and b) a hamza was added, the 2nd letter had a sukoon, and the weak letter (ي) was dropped. This type of conjugation is done to compare something OR show the greatness/magnitude of something.
3) Because ْمِن is a preposition, it affects the following word, and that’s why القمر takes a kasra, and not a fatha or dhamma.