Khadija R. | John Jay College | Arabic 101

Alhamdulilah, in my experience from taking the class, the course, the Instructor, the method used to teach us, and the knowledge gained was nothing short of amazing. In our course, intentions were emphasized, and vocabulary was a huge portion of our class. A particular part that I appreciated about the class was how the instructor always emphasized the importance of effort and diligence. One of my favorite parts of class was when our Instructor would translate what the Imam recited in prayer. Learning the meaning of the Qur’anic recitation was beautiful, but more importantly it also made me realize how much I had been missing out on, and the significance of being able to understand some words or phrases, and then to apply the rules whilst reading Qur’an, it’s such an empowering and great feeling.

I would highly recommend this class to everyone, and I hope to continue taking the courses. Take these courses if you want to learn Arabic and have a better understanding of your Deen and thus be able to better serve your Lord. It might sound intimidating but we go through everything step by step and you learn a lot. Feel free to ask the Instructor a million questions if you are lost or confused, pair up with your classmates, make flash cards, and remember why and who you are doing it for. Lastly, it is imperative to review and memorize the rules and vocabulary, make sure to get a solid foundation to continue to build upwards in the future, our motto was: Be sincere and hardworking.