Anonymous Graduate | City College | Arabic 101

I benefited from Ustadh AbdusSalam and his classes in so many different ways. Arabic 101 was the most interactive language class I’ve ever taken. We students would have to converse in Arabic with each other in impromptu breakout sessions, stay attentive and prepared for spontaneous questions from the ustadh, read aloud in class to perfect our enunciation, and write passages during dictation to practice writing. The ustadh would often relate the Arabic we were learning with ayat of the Quran, always leaving us in awe at how much of the Quran became accessible to us after each and every lesson.

I used to feel this tightness in my chest during salat, or when reading Quran – my Master, my Creator is calling out to me, He wants to tell me something, but I can’t understand Him.

By Allah, that arabic class changed my life. I feel connected to Allah, and that makes me stronger. The sadness, the pain, the loss, the criticism, the expectations – I can overcome anything because of that connection. If you want to experience this peace, this sakeenah; if you want to find contentment and ridha; if you want to fight the doubts and whispers, and be convinced in Allah’s message, then take this class and learn the language of the Quran.