Abu Jameel | SUNY Purchase | Arabic 101

Alhamdulillaah I was able to take the Arabic Intensive course over the winter break with the instructor Abu Awzaee AbdusSalaam and SubhaanAllaah it was more than I expected as is the bounty of Allaah. I only anticipated learning some pieces of the language, instead I took away from the class not only brotherhood but lasting and effective knowledge in a variety of fields that impact how I look at studying Allaahs deen every single day.

The instructor is engaging and very patient which is extremely helpful because it produced an environment conducive to learning which allowed for mistakes yet he instilled in us lessons of diligence and determination for the sake of Allaah. Wallaahi if you are available to take this class then I strongly suggest you take it and I ask Allaah to make it a benefit both for the one teaching and the one learning. Aameen. You will not regret it.