Summer Semester 2018

Assalaamu Alaykum

This Summer Semester consists of 6 weeks of study and begins on July 6th and ends on August 11th, 2018. The courses offered during this semester are:

Arabic 102: Kitab Asaasi (continuation of Arabic 101) | 8 classes $50 USD |  Saturdays 8am*

Arabic 206: Arabic Analysis & Tafsir of Qisar Mufassal Part 2 (Surah Duha-Bayyinah) | 6-7 classes $25 USD | Saturdays 2pm*

Arabic 319: Explanation of Alfiyyah ibn Maalik Part 1 | 6-8 classes $50 USD | Sundays 2pm*

*Makkah timings

Click on the course you are interested in for more details.

Payment is made via this link.

Please include your name and telegram number with the country code in the notes section. 

We hope to see you spend your summer with us! Jazaakumullah khayran (don’t forget to share!)

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