Student Testimonials

Unsure whether you’re able to study Arabic or not? Yes, although it seems like a daunting task YOU CAN DO IT!

Read the experiences of our previous students – young college students just like YOU!

1. Khadija R. (20 years old) from John Jay College said:

“Alhamdulilah, in my experience from taking the class, the course, the Instructor, the method used to teach us, and the knowledge gained was nothing short of amazing. In our course, intentions were emphasized, and vocabulary was a huge portion of our class. A particular part that I appreciated about the class was how the instructor always emphasized the importance of effort and diligence. One of my favorite parts of class was when our Instructor would translate what the Imam recited in prayer. Learning the meaning of the Qur’anic recitation was beautiful, but more importantly it also made me realize how much I had been missing out on, and the significance of being able to understand some words or phrases, and then to apply the rules whilst reading Qur’an, it’s such an empowering and great feeling.

I would highly recommend this class to everyone, and I hope to continue taking the courses. Take these courses if you want to learn Arabic and have a better understanding of your Deen and thus be able to better serve your Lord. It might sound intimidating but we go through everything step by step and you learn a lot. Feel free to ask the Instructor a million questions if you are lost or confused, pair up with your classmates, make flash cards, and remember why and who you are doing it for. Lastly, it is imperative to review and memorize the rules and vocabulary, make sure to get a solid foundation to continue to build upwards in the future, our motto was: Be sincere and hardworking.”

2. Nader A. (19 years old) from Hunter College said:

“I took Arabic 101, which went over basic grammar. It was an involved experience, as we would have to read things aloud, have conversations, answer questions, and answer problems from the textbook and share them with the class. The instructor was excellent, he was very professional and enthusiastic, he enjoys what he teaches, and he is patient. He will try his best to make sure that the whole class understands a concept before he moves on. I truly am very happy that I took this class. Alhamdulilah.”

3. Tanim R. (21 years old) from Nassau Community College said:

“Alḥamdu-lillāh, this class has been amazing by the grace of Allah. I can’t thank Him enough to let me be a part of this class. I really benefited a lot from the teacher. He has been very clear with what he wanted to finish by the end of the course and he has done so, despite the snow storms.”

4.  Lamia M. (22 years old) from City College said:

“I took Arabic 101 with Brother AbdusSalaam over my college winter break. It was short, yet very impactful. Although our textbook, Madinah Book 1, was lengthy, the class was structured in such a way that it was easy to fit all the materials in three weeks. Br. AbdusSalaam was a great instructor, simplifying the language for us and connecting each class to the knowledge of Islam. The classes were interactive and the homeworks only strengthened our language skills. What we took away from those three weeks was not just the basic grammar rules of Arabic, but also a stronger understanding of our deen, alhamdulillah. It’s a wonderful way to spend your school breaks so, I would recommend this course to all college students out there.”

5. Adam E. (18 years old) from Kings-borough said:

“I loved this class by the beloved Abdussalam. He was very patient in answering any questions the class had and never got frustrated when we were a little slow at learning. He really improved my interest of the Arabic language and wanting to really pursue it more. He instilled confidence in me to listen to arabic lectures with some understanding. I also learned a lot from Abdussalam and his manners. I said something that was incorrect but he told me in such a gentle way. His style of teaching is unique and really helps you benefit the most. We ask Allah to make him better than what we think.”

6. Monzu H. (22 years old) from Baruch College said:

“The class was a comfortable environment that gave us the opportunity to ask questions about anything we did not understand or needed further help with. The instructor broke down and followed along with the Madina Arabic book, which made it very easy for us to follow along as well. The most enjoyable aspect of the class was simply knowing every class was one step closer to understanding the language of the Qur’an.”

7. Muhammad S. (21 years old) from City Tech said:

“The Arabic Language, the only path which will aid an individual to understand the Quran and the Sunnah. I can only say so much with my limited experience with the Arabic Language. It was a blessing from Allah to be a part of a very enthusiastic and motivating class instructed by our beloved brother ‘AbdusSalaam (May Allah preserve him). One of the first question’s that brother ‘AbdusSalaam asked to start the class was, “What’s your intention, motive, or reasoning behind learning the Arabic Language?” It was crucial to start the class with this. For the reason being that we would use this motive to push ourselves to learn the Arabic Language when hit with any hurdles.

I had a great experience, for the short period that the class was held. The class was very interactive, with everyone given the opportunity to ask and answer questions  pertaining to the topic of discussion. The class was divided into sections of dictation, reading, grammar rules, and expressions. Learning the different grammar rules was very beneficial. I was able to apply these rules during the class readings and homework assignments. The grammar rules also helped me understand the Quran better. Its an astounding feeling when I’m able to understand what the Imam recites in the congregational prayer.

The Brother ‘AbdusSalaam made the class very simple for everyone to comprehend. He was very helpful in advising and providing the students with the things which would aid them to learn the Arabic Language. From his motivational videos – to his translated works from different scholars of Islam – they were very encouraging.”

8. Mohammad N. (24 years old) is a Graduate from City College and he said:

“Assalam Walakium Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I’m writing this so Insha’Allah some of you may be encouraged and motivated to learn the Arabic language with our brother Abdus Salam. I took a 2 week intensive beginner Arabic course with Br. Abdus Salam, we covered the entire Madinah book 1. The course was great, extremely beneficial, engaging and overall a calm learning environment. In the 2 weeks a lot of material was covered from Arabic grammar, sentence structures, reading and writing exercises and the always important vocabulary. Additionally, every day we had homework assignments which helped us, the students, solidify what we had learned that day. Honestly, I had a lot of fun learning a new language but more importantly the language of the Quran. Another important point is that for Abdus Salam Arabic was not a native language for him. He himself had to learn the language from scratch which is actually a benefit in a teacher because he is able to understand the difficulties of learning Arabic from the perspective of the student. Which allows him to better relate to his students and help them succeed in comprehending the language by the permission of Allah subhanahu wata’ala. Insha’Allah, this will inspire you to learn the Arabic language and to benefit yourself and others.

JazakAllahu Kharian wa Barakallahu Feekum”

9. Abu Jameel (22 years old) from SUNY Purchase said:

“AsSalaamu Alaykum Bismillaah wa asSalaatu wa asSalaam ala rasooli Allaah Alhamdulillaah I was able to take the Arabic Intensive course over the winter break with the instructor Abu Awzaee AbdusSalaam and SubhaanAllaah it was more than I expected as is the bounty of Allaah. I only anticipated learning some pieces of the language, instead I took away from the class not only brotherhood but lasting and effective knowledge in a variety of fields that impact how I look at studying Allaahs deen every single day. The instructor is engaging and very patient which is extremely helpful because it produced an environment conducive to learning which allowed for mistakes yet he instilled in us lessons of diligence and determination for the sake of Allaah. Wallaahi if you are available to take this class then I strongly suggest you take it and I ask Allaah to make it a benefit both for the one teaching and the one learning. Aameen. You will not regret it.”

10. Aishah F. (22 years old) from Seton Hall University said:

“Taking the intensive arabic course was one of the best choices I have made Alhamdulilah. Not only did it improve my arabic vocabulary but it helped me so much in reading Quran. Since taking the class, reading the Quran has become a lot easier for me Alhamdulilah. Brother AbdusSalaam would always remind us to renew our intentions and would begin the class with Hadith or Quran ayats which really helped me to keep my intentions correct and remind of why I was taking this class, especially when the commute was difficult. As Muslims we should all be trying to learn the arabic language, it is the language if the Quran and the language of our prophet muhammed peace and blessing be upon him, taking this class will get you started on the right foot. JazakAllah khair. ASalaamu Alaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatu”

11. Ishmael D. (20 years old) from Hunter College said:

“If you are serious in jump starting your path to acquiring the Arabic language, its great you came across this beneficial course. The teacher is experienced and easily accommodates students of different levels and backgrounds. The presentation of material and class ambience is important. That’s why I recommend this course. The instructor leaves it up to you to apply what you are seamlessly taught in class. If you have the time, its definitely worth it. You’ll never feel distant in the class because the teacher involves students and can regularly share a laugh as well. I’m glad I made the effort to attend a course, and you will be too.”

12. Akash A. (25 years old) from Stony Brook said:

“As a Muslim youth in a place like NYC, I’ve found that it is so easy to let our deen slip away from us. The lifestyle, especially school, is so demanding of our time and energy that we often forget, delay, or even neglect salah at times. And when we do make salah, we often don’t have khushoo’ in it. And how can we? We don’t even understand what we are reciting from the Qur’an. The words of Allah are so powerful yet we can’t understand the depth and beauty of them because we don’t know the language.

Learning from Br. AbdusSalaam inspired and encouraged me to seek more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Arabic language as well as the deen. He recognized the ability and potential I had to succeed if I continued to study Arabic after the class was over. So, I am still continuing my studies today and benefiting from it greatly, alhamdulillah. All that is required of one is to know how to read and write in Arabic. As long as one has the desire and dedication to have a stronger understanding of Islam and become closer to Allah, the path to learning Arabic will become easier in shaa Allah.

Besides the learning aspect, the class environment was also invaluable because it allowed me to meet and develop strong relationships with other dedicated students of knowledge. To this day, I consider them to be among the best and most trusted of my companions. We ask Allah to strengthen our desire to learn the language that He chose to be the most fitting for His final revelation. We ask Him to increase us in imaan, barakah, and success in seeking knowledge. And we ask Him to set our hearts and pens aright. Aameen.”

13. An anonymous graduate from City College said:

“I benefited from Ustadh AbdusSalam and his classes in so many different ways. Arabic 101 was the most interactive language class I’ve ever taken. We students would have to converse in Arabic with each other in impromptu breakout sessions, stay attentive and prepared for spontaneous questions from the ustadh, read aloud in class to perfect our enunciation, and write passages during dictation to practice writing. The ustadh would often relate the Arabic we were learning with ayat of the Quran, always leaving us in awe at how much of the Quran became accessible to us after each and every lesson.

I used to feel this tightness in my chest during salat, or when reading Quran – my Master, my Creator is calling out to me, He wants to tell me something, but I can’t understand Him.

By Allah, that arabic class changed my life. I feel connected to Allah, and that makes me stronger. The sadness, the pain, the loss, the criticism, the expectations – I can overcome anything because of that connection. If you want to experience this peace, this sakeenah; if you want to find contentment and ridha; if you want to fight the doubts and whispers, and be convinced in Allah’s message, then take this class and learn the language of the Quran.”

14. Mariyam bint Umar (19 years old) from Bronx Community College said:

“Keys To Knowledge : Preparing For Tarawih Arabic Crash Course was honestly THE BEST 15 DAYS EVER! In the beginning I felt like I was going to drop the course but that would’ve been my biggest regret. I’ve learned so much more about the arabic language than I have in a regular close to home arabic school. It was fun and challenging. It has helped open my mind to an understanding of the Quran just by learning verbs and nouns etc. I honestly can say I understand alot of the Quran without even having to hold a Mushaf. Also before I forget , the teacher Abu Awza’ee Abdus Salaam helped us a lot as well on pace and smoothly with great understanding May Allah reward him and his family ameen! I can’t wait for the next course In Sha Allah. If you haven’t joined , Join or you’ll really be missing out!”

15. Mamunur R. (19 years old)  from Hunter College said:

“This Arabic class was the answer to my dua. I always wanted to learn Arabic so I can understand the Quran better and I just never found time because I was so busy with school, work, and family responsibilities. I used to make dua to Allah that I can learn Arabic but everything I tired just wasn’t working out, until I found this class ‘Preparing for Tarawih’ from K2K institute. It was at the perfect time, right after finals and it was in the afternoon as well so I could go straight from work to class. The teacher made sure we all knew the concepts before we moved on and provided many activities to practice what we learned. A very effective technique was a review session in the beginning of every class to go over what we learned previously. Another positive about K2K is that they live stream/record their classes, so if anything befalls you last moment and you can’t the class you can always catch it online. When the class is all said and done you can always re-watch the videos for any lesson that you didn’t really understand or need more clarification on.”


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