Course Policies

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  • Once you have purchased a course from Keys To Knowledge you will be added to:

1. Lecture Channel: Click on the pinned message to access the course’s playlist, notes, pdfs, and any other important information.

2. Group Discussion: This is where you can ask questions related to the course and submit homework (if applicable). Please note that among the etiquette of a beginner student is to avoid asking too many questions.

Both the Lecture Channel and Group Discussion will be on the Telegram application. Be sure to download this app on your device(s) and remove any privacy setting that would prevent you from being added.

  • You will have access to the course content as long as have access to its links.
  • If you lost access to the links, lecture channel and/or group discussion and would like to be added again, there will be an additional 25% fee based off of that course’s original price. For example, if a course costs $100 USD, the student will have to pay $25 USD in order to rejoin the channel and group.

Exceptions are applied to our:

1. Admins of our public Q&A discussion groups on Telegram.

2. Teacher assistants who help with correcting students’ Arabic homework.

3. Students who have enrolled into at least 10 of our courses. 

4. Volunteers that have assisted with requested projects like transcriptions, etc.

  • For courses that have homework assignments (ex. Madina Book Series), the instructor is not obliged to check your work. The payment is for the course content. That being said, the instructor and teacher assistants will most likely check it regardless, إن شاء الله.
  • There are no refunds once payment has been made. The only exception is if the refund request is made BEFORE one is added to the course group and channel.
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