Introduction to Usul at-Tafsir

Welcome to Introduction to Usul at-Tafsir

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📍Course Description: It is imperative for every Quranic student to learn and master the required tools needed to correctly study and understand Tafsir. Without doing so, one will become misled, mislead others, and speak about Allah’s Speech without any knowledge. For this very reason, scholars have for centuries developed and refined the science known as “Usul at-Tafsir”. Their pain-staking service was done in order to provide Muslims fundamental guidelines to properly understand the Quran. May Allah reward them well.

In this course, we will teach these guidelines in order to understand Tafsir. We will also include examples from books of Tafsir authored by great Imaams like Ibn Kathir, & al-Baghawi. After this course, students will be able to read and navigate through Tafsir books on a very basic level. This does not mean one will become a master in any tafsir compilation – as that takes years of intense study – however, they will be given the tools needed in order to properly read tafsir in general.

Our goal after this course is to study an entire compilation and that author’s style in Tafsir while at the same time applying the rules learned in this course. May Allah make it a reality, aameen.

This is an introductory course that caters to and benefit students with little to no background of Tafsir. Seasoned students of Usul at-Tafsir will also find invaluable benefits & tools in this course as well, in shaa Allah.

There will be a homework assignments, two midterms & a final exam in order to examine students’ comprehension of the material.

*There is a certificate awarded at the end of the course for those students who score 90% and above as their final grade. These certificates can be used to receive discounts on another course.

đź“ŤCourse Duration: 25-30 classes

Begins September 22nd, 2018 and ends December 29th, 2018 – in shaa Allah.

đź“ŤCourse Timing: 2 classes every Saturday at 2-4pm (Makkah timing) *with a break in between*

đź“ŚClasses will be live via the ZOOM application.

đź“ŚStudents will have the ability to view the recordings if they are not able to make the live classes.

đź“ŚStudents also have the choice to follow the course at their own pace.

Example: a student can attend one session live on Saturday and view the second session as a recording on Sunday at their own convenient time.

đź“ŚThere will also be separate Telegram groups for males and females in order to discuss course material between students and instructor.

đź“ŤCourse Fee:

$100 USD ($3.30 per class)

*In order to efficiently cater to each student’s development in this science, we are only accepting limited number of students for this course.*

*Certificate Upon Completion*

đź“ŤSyllabus for this course:

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