Arabic Competition 1440 AH | 2019 CE

🗝 Keys To Knowledge presents our online Arabic contest مسابقة for 1440 AH (2019).

Alhamdulillah, last year we held an online competition challenging all of you to translate the poem “Muthallath lil-Qutrubi”. We had an overwhelming number of participants and many benefitted, alhamdulillah.

💡This inspired us to hold another contest this year! This time, we will challenge you on your Arabic speaking and conversation skills.

📜 Rules:

Participants have the choice to either submit a video:

1. Of a 2-minute conversation in Arabic (any topic)



2. Produce a creative short sketch illustrating the struggles faced by Arabic language learners during their journey and at the end show the solutions on how to overcome them.


✨The goals of this competition are to:

-Aid everyone in their Arabic speaking skills
-Boost interest/motivation to learn/continue learning Arabic
-Encourage others to learn Arabic
-Show your creativity!
-Develop brother & sisterhood
-“Cooperate with one another in goodness and righteousness…” (5:2)
-Support competition towards good deeds “…So let the competitors compete” (83:26)

📌Notice: Participants must be Arabic-learners and not natives!

🗒 Deadline for Submissions:

28th of Dhul-Qa’dah, 1440 (07/31/19)

📥 Submissions are sent to our Telegram or WhatsApp (@ KeysToKnowledge | +966 54 416 2996) under the hashtag #K2KContest1440

🎁 Prizes:

This competition is a means of encouraging ourselves and others to progress in Arabic studies. Hence, it’s important to renew our intentions. Imagine someone benefiting from your video and it influences them to learn – you will get the reward for that! Ikhlaas, Ikhlaas, Ikhlaas!

But we do have some cash prizes as an extra incentive for your hard work:

🏆🥇1st Place: $50 USD
🥈2nd Place: 25 USD
🥉3rd Place: Free Madina Book 1 Course

📌Monetary prizes are sent via PayPal (you must have paypal account or you can choose to enroll in a course of your choice).

📌Submissions will be judged by YOU! There will be a poll on our social media platforms where the K2K community will decide the winners. The votes will be tallied and announced on Eid al-Adhaa!

Questions? Contact us! بالله التوفيق!

WhatsApp or Telegram: +966 54 416 2996

Follow us on social media for more benefits: (Telegram Main Channel)
Facebook & IG: @K2KNYC
Twitter: @KeysToKnowledge
YouTube: Keys To Knowledge

Q&A and Discussion Groups: (Brothers only) (Sisters only)

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