Arabic 319: Explanation of Alfiyyah ibn Maalik

Welcome to Arabic 319: Explanation of Alfiyyah ibn Maalik [Part 1] 

In this course, students will study the famous 1,000 line poetry entitled “Alfiyyah ibn Maalik” in the sciences of Arabic Grammar (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf) by Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Maalik at-Taa’ee al-Jayaani al-Andalusi ad-Dimishqi 672 AH (Allah have mercy on him). This 1,000 line work is a summary of a larger poem he authored entitled, “Al-Kaafiyah ash-Shaafiyyah” which consists of around 3,000 lines.

We intend to cover as much of the poem as we can in 6-8 classes. There will be multiple courses based on this poem until it has been completed, in shaa Allah. We ask Allah to grant us success in achieving that goal.

Understanding this text in order is essential in order to attain the proper understanding of Quran and Sunnah.

Resources used for this course: 

We will use notes we have taken from our scholars in Makkah. We will also share benefits from the following explanations:

Awdah al-Masaalik by Ibn Hishaam, al-Maqaasid ash-Shaafiyah by Abu Ishaq ash-Shaatabi, Sharh Ibn Aqeel & its commentary by al-Khudary,  Sharh Muyassar by Abdul-Aziz al-Harbi, Sharh al-Makudi, Sharh ibn Uthaymeen, Dalil as-Saalik by Abdullah Fawzan, As-Sabbaan’s commentary on Ashmuooni’s explanation, Ibn Naadhim, ibn Jazari, al-Maraadi, and Al-Eini.

The explanation of the course will be clear and easy to follow in shaa Allah. This course is even taught in English in order to help students ease their way into the text. Arabic explanations are all over the internet and widely available for those who seek it.

Course Fee: 

One time payment of $50 USD.

Payment is made via

Please include your name and telegram number with the country code in the notes section.

Course Timing: 

Sundays 2 pm (Makkah timing)

Course Prerequisite: 

In order to sign up for this course, one must have enrolled in our Arabic 310 (Nahwu) & 311 (Sarf) courses.


Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah

Classes will be live via the ZOOM application.

*Students will have the ability to view the recordings if they are unable to attend live sessions.

*Students also have the choice to follow this course at their own pace.

*There will also be separate Telegram groups for males and females in order to discuss course material between students and instructor.

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