Arabic 301: Introduction to Rhetoric (Balaagha) 

Welcome to Arabic 301: Introduction to Balagha البلاغة

Course Description:

In this course, students will study three major sciences within the science of Balaagha:

1. Ilm al-Ma’aani: deals with meanings contained within words and how they affect sentence styles and structures.

2. Ilm al-Bayaan: deals with specific principles that aid in understanding the different intents and purposes of sentences.

3. Ilm al-Badee’: deals with the beautification of speech in both wording and meaning.

By Allah’s permission, students at the end of the course will:

-Understand Balaagha along with its sciences
-Learn how these sciences are applied within the Quran, Hadith, and poetry
-Be able to apply said rules in their speech and writing
-Truly understand the beauty of the Quran and why every Aayah آية (verse) is an Aayah آية (sign)!
-Marvel over the Quran in and out of Salah and truly reflect over Allah’s Speech

*There will also be assignments throughout the course to test students’ understanding of material + 2 midterms and a final.*

This is an introductory course so no previous knowledge about this subject is required. We teach this science from the ground up. If you understand basic Arabic (Madina Book 1 or its equivalent taught by us), you will be able to follow along in shaa Allah.

Syllabus for this course

Course Duration:

26 classes

Course Timings:

These were originally live classes and were recorded. The recordings are available on demand; that means you will be able to view all of the classes and progress at your own convenience.

*There are separate Telegram groups for males and females in order to discuss course material between students and instructor. There is also a channel on Telegram where the playlist for the lectures is posted.

Course Fees:

$180 USD ($6 per class)

A small investment for a lifetime worth of benefit.

Payment can be made here:

*PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND FULL TELEGRAM NUMBER + COUNTRY CODE or contact us via Whatsapp/Telegram with that information!*

*Certificate Upon Completion*


Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University, Makkah

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