Arabic 250: Arabic Analysis & Tafsir of Surah Qaaf

Welcome to Arabic 250: Arabic Analysis & Tafsir of Surah Qaaf

This is a linguistic study, breakdown & exegeses of Surah Qaaf.

In this course, will study what many scholars of Tafsir consider as the beginning of the المُفَصَّل “Surah Qaaf”.

The Quran is categorized into different sections. From these sections is what’s known as “al-Mufassal” المُفَصَّل. This section begins with Surah Qaaf and continues until the end of Mushaf. It is referred to as “Mufassal” because of the frequent number of breaks in which the Basmalah (“Bismillah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem”) appears between these chapters.

We will analyze this chapter verse by verse, word by word – in shaa Allah.

The analysis will cover the background of this chapter, the vocabulary/specific word choice within each verse, comprehensive Tafsir according to the understanding of the Righteous Predecessors, essential grammar, morphology (Sarf), and Balaagha (Rhetoric: eloquence of the Quran) rules/principles.

This course is suitable for BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, & ADVANCED levels in Arabic. We will present material to benefit everyone who attends, in shaa Allah. Students should be able to read Quran.

Course Fee: 

This is a FREE COURSE and can be viewed on our Facebook page “Keys To Knowledge”. Click here.

Course Duration:
4-5 classes

Course Timing:

Class #1 will stream live on Thursday, July 19th 2pm (Makkah Timing)

The rest of the classes will stream live on Wednesdays, 2pm (Makkah Timing)

Course Prerequisite: 

There are no required prerequisites for this course. However, material taught in Arabic 204-207, 210, 301, 310, & 311 will be referenced. Students enrolled in those courses will find the most benefit.


Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah

Classes will be live via the ZOOM application.

*Students will have the ability to view the recordings if they are unable to attend live sessions.

*Students also have the choice to follow this course at their own pace.

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