Arabic 205: “Qisar Mufassal” Arabic Analysis of Zalzalah-Masad

Welcome to Arabic 205: “Qisar al-Mufassal” Arabic Analysis of Zalzalah-Masad (Part 1)

This is a linguistic study, breakdown & exegeses of the shorter chapters of Quran from Surah Zalzalah (99) to Masad (111).

The Quran is categorized into different sections. From these sections is what’s known as “Qisar al-Mufassal” قِصَار المُفَصَّل. This term refers to the shorter chapters at the end of the Mushaf, hence the name “Qisar”. It is known as “Mufassal” because of the frequent number of breaks in which the Basmalah (“Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”) appears.

This categorization begins from Surah ad-Duhaa until Surah an-Naas. In this course, will study Surah Zalzalah (99) to Surah Masad (111).

We will break down these 12 Suwars, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and word by word. We will do so by studying the vocabulary in each verse and its specific word. We will also derive essential grammar, morphology (Sarf), and Balaagha principles from each verse. Finally, we will analyze the overall meaning (which will also include benefits in Aqeedah, Tarbawiyyah, etc.) provided by scholars of Tafsir.

📝 Prerequisite: Arabic 204: Arabic Analysis of the 4 Quls. However, one can enroll in Arabic 204 & 205 simultaneously.

This course is suitable for BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, & ADVANCED levels. Students should be able to read Quran, however, it is not mandatory. Because these are chapters many Muslims have memorized, students of all levels will be able to benefit.

🕰 Course Duration: 13 classes, roughly 1 hour per video

🖥 These classes were originally taught live and are recorded. Students will view the recordings and complete the course at their own pace.

📌 There are gender separated private telegram groups where students will be able to ask questions and submit homework.

💵 Course fee:  $25 USD (one time payment) (Kindly include your name and telegram number with country code in the notes section. Or contact us to confirm payment via whatsapp/telegram)

🖋 Instructor: Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University 🕋



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