Arabic Intensive: Preparing for Taraaweeh

Welcome to Arabic Intensive: Preparing for Taraaweeh

The Salaf would prepare for Ramadan 6 months in advance. Let’s follow in their footsteps and start preparing for this blessed month right now by learning the Language of His Book, Arabic!

Alhamdulillah, we are only a few days away from Ramadan (may Allah allow us to reach it), and that means more time with the Quran and night prayers.

Out of the hundreds of hours you have probably stood during Taraawih, ask yourself, how many of those hours were actually spent listening & reflecting over what was recited? How many of those hours were spent crying over the beauties of Paradise and the torments of the Fire? How many hours were spent following the amazing stories of the Prophets & their triumphs? And how many hours were spent “night-dreaming” and thinking about things outside of prayer? Without a doubt, the major cause for this is not understanding Quranic Arabic.

But how can you change that? What will you do to make sure this Ramadan will be different than the past Ramadans?

We here at Keys To Knowledge would like to help you make that change this year in shaa Allah. We are offering an online boot-camp that is designed to help students in understanding:

1. Basic Quranic Vocabulary (80% of words found in the Quran)
2. Major Quranic Themes (Derived from the works of Imam as-Sa’dee رحمه الله)
3. Linguistic Gems
4. Quranic/Tafsir Principles &
5. Keys to help you Ponder & Reflect over the Quran (gathered in the sentence: لإصلاح ترتج)

💫 Our goal is to help you concentrate and follow the Imaam’s recital as much as possible. There is no magic pill that will teach you Arabic overnight. You will have to be diligent by completing the assigned exercises while seeking Allah’s assistance.

👥 This course is excellent for complete beginners with no background to Arabic as a language, however students should be able to at least read the Arabic alphabets.

This course will also benefit students with intermediate to advance understanding of Arabic as well. We will provide keys and tips to help in pondering and reflecting over the Quran. We will also go over words in the Quran that are essential to understand and their different usages therein (as mentioned by as-Suyuti and az-Zarkashi – Allah have mercy on both), and much more.

📚 Course Duration: 11 classes

🕡 Course Timings: This course is self-paced. Classes were originally taught live & recorded. The recordings are available on demand; that means you will be able to view all of the classes at your own convenience.

📌 *There will be separate Telegram groups for males and females in order to discuss course material between students and instructor. There is also a channel on Telegram where the playlist for the lectures is posted.

💵 Course Fee: $75 USD ($6.80 per class) *This is a one time payment for the entire course*

Payment can be made here:


▪️*If you are not interested in taking the course but do wish to pay for someone else’s tuition, then you can do so by writing in the notes: “Donation for TARAAWEEH tuition payment”. You can include the person’s number you wish to donate for or let us choose. Just make sure to specify in the notes section. This is a great investment opportunity for the Hereafter in which one can benefit from.

🖋 Instructor: Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah 🕋


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