40 Hadith Nawawi Course

Welcome to our Hadith Certificate Course: “40 Hadith Nawawi”

In this course, students will study the famous compilation entitled مباني الإسلام وقواعد الأحكام by Imam Abu Zakariyyah Muhyi ad-Deen ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi (676 AH), which is more commonly known today as “40 Hadith Nawawi” or الأربعون النووية in Arabic.

The first 26 ahadith in the compilation were collected by the great scholar of Hadith Ibn Salaah. Imam an-Nawawi decided to add 16 additional Hadith to the collection which then became a grand total of 42. Although the entire collection consists of 42 ahadith, we say “40 Hadith Nawawi” as the title because the Arabs like to round down when counting.

Studying and mastering 40 Hadith Nawawi is the first book all students of Hadith begin with. In this course we discuss: 

1. Biographies of the Companions رضي الله عنهم

2. Content of the Hadith (Fiqhul Hadith)

3. Benefits derived from the Hadith

4. Hadith terminology mentioned by Imam Nawawi

5. Definitions of words and their proper understanding

6. Doubts people have related to various issues along with responses/solutions

7. How to develop Islamic character and become a true Muslim (someone who completely submits his/her will to His Creator)

8. Essential Aqeedah principles and clarification of the correct positions

9. Usul Fiqh and Qawaa’id Fiqhiyyah derived from the aHadith

10. Arabic benefits derived from the Hadith (Nahw, Sarf, Balagha)

11. Connection between the Hadith placement and much more…

If you want to learn the fundamentals of your Deen, this is the course to sign up for إن شاء الله. 

This compilation is essential for every single Muslim, especially for those who wish to become a student of knowledge. These ahadith, as seen in the title, contain the fundamental principles of the religion and the Sharee’ah. After memorizing, studying and understanding these Ahadith, you will be able to understand many issues in various sciences – with Allah’s permission.

📝 Prerequisites: must have a sincere intention and strive in learning.

🔍 Grading (3 exams):

Exam 1 (Hadith #1-11) = 30%

Exam 2 (Hadith #12-21) = 30%

Exam 3 (Hadith 22-42) = 40%

Sample of exam

🎓 Students who complete this course with at least a score of 90% on the exams will receive a certificate ($25 USD additional fee for the certificate).

🕰 Course Duration: 43 videos (completed & ready for viewing)

🎥 Registered students are able to view the recordings and follow the course at their own pace.

🚺🚹 There are gender separated private telegram groups where students will be able to ask questions.

💵 Course fee: $70 USD

PayPal.me/keystoknowledge (Kindly include your name and telegram number with country code in the notes section. Or contact us to confirm payment via whatsapp/telegram)

🖋 Instructor: Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam, Umm al-Quraa University 🕋



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