Arabic 314: Al-Ajrumiyyah

📚Online al-Ajrumiyyah Course w/ Keys To Knowledge 🗝

In this course, students will study the renowned manual in Arabic grammar known as “al-Muqaddimah al-Ājurāmīyyah” with its explanation entitled: “التحفة السنية at-Tuhfah as-Saniyyah”.

The primer “al-Muqaddimah al-Ājurāmīyyah” was authored by the great grammarian scholar Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Dawud as-Sinhaajee al-Maghribee al-Maalikee (813h), more famously known as ibn Aajurroom رحمه الله.

Although there is not much information about its author, this book is accepted as the beginner text every student should learn.

The explanation “التحفة السنية at-Tuhfah as-Saniyyah” is by the scholar Muhammad Muhy-Deen Abdul-Hamid رحمه الله.

It is a well known text that introduces basic principles found within Arabic grammar.

Prerequisites: Must have completed Madina Book series or its equivalent.

🕰 Course Duration: 29 classes, roughly 45mins-1 hour per video.

🖥 These classes were originally taught live and recorded during Fall 2019. Students will view the recordings and complete the course at their own pace.

📌 There are gender separated private telegram groups where students will be able to ask questions and submit homework.

💵 Course fee: $55 USD (one-time payment). (Please include your telegram number and name in the notes section. Or contact us to confirm payment via WhatsApp/Telegram)

Instructor: Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam

Umm al-Quraa University, Makkah al-Mukarramah 🕋


❓Questions? Contact us:

Telegram or WhatsApp: +966 54 416 2996

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