#K2KAdvice1: 5 Tools for the Student

Alhamdulillah, the school year has finally come to an end. I truly enjoyed this past year and will miss our beloved teachers and fellow classmates. May Allah bless them all in their affairs. 

I would like to share something one of our teachers mentioned at the beginning of the semester. He said that in every career, field, and profession there are certain tools required to successfully complete a job. A carpenter has his hammer and measuring tape, a plumber has his wrench, a doctor has his stethoscope, etc. 

Right now, our career is seeking Islamic knowledge, and just like the above-mentioned professions, we too have tools required in order to be successful. He said that these tools are:

1. شيخ فتاح  

A shaykh that can open up the sciences of Islam to a point where each science is easy to understand and comprehend. This Shaykh is able to cultivate the student and develop his/her progression. 

2. كتب صحاح

Authentic books (taught by a Shaykh) that are appropriate for the student’s level. 

3. عقل رجاح

A sharp mind that is given understanding (fiqh) in order to analyze and critique properly.

4. أدب وإلحاح 

Manners with our Lord, teachers, peers, family, and the general folk. As well as being discipline with being consistent in studies on a daily basis. 

And Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee (Allah have mercy on him) mentioned these similar tools in his Diwaan:

لن تنال العلم إلا بستة

سأنبيك عن تفصيلها ببيان 

ذكاء وحرص واجتهاد وبلغة      

وصحبة أستاذ وطول زمان

“O my Brother you will never gain knowledge without [possessing] six [qualities]

I will inform you of these in detail and with clarity,

Sharpness [of the mind] eagerness [to learn] sacrifice [in terms of time etc] and means [i.e wealth]

And the company of a scholar and length of time!”

May Allah grant us these tools and aid us all in our journey to learn this wonderful deen. 

Alhamdulillah, although the semester is over, seeking knowledge never stops! There are many dawraat and classes to look forward to this summer. May Allah make this break extremely productive and draw us all closer to Him in the process!

Written by:

Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam
Makkah Al-Mukarramah
28th of Sha’ban, 1438

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