Dhul Qa’dah ذو القعدة 

Dhul Qa’dah ذو القعدة 

By Keys To Knowledge @K2KNYC 

In shaa Allah we will enter the month of Dhul Qa’dah very soon, so let’s learn a little about this month together. 

Dhul Qa’dah is one of the four sacred months in the Islamic calendar (Dhul Hijjah, Muharram, and Rajab being the other three). These months were deemed to be sacred in Jahiliyyah as well. 

A reason why these months were chosen was to protect pilgrams traveling to perform Hajj and Umrah: 

Dhul Qa’dah is a sacred month because pilgrams began their journey to perform Hajj. Remember in those days it took weeks to travel to other countries, so many people departed in Dhul Qa’dah. 

(Dhul Hijjah is the month of Hajj, Muharram pilgrams travel to return home, and Rajab fell in the middle of the year in which many people went to perform Umrah.)

This month was given the name of Dhul-Qa’dah ذو القعدة because of bandits sitting (قعود) on the roadways waiting to attack and kill pilgrams heading towards Makkah. 

As a result killings, fighting, wars and expeditions became prohibited during these months. 

And punishments for performing sins in these months were magnified.

Source: لطائف المعارف لابن رجب 

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