Becoming Proficient in Arabic leads to Proficiency in Islamic Sciences

Becoming Proficient In The Arabic Language Is A Means Of Attaining Deep Understanding Of All Islamic Sciences

Imam Ash-Shaafi’ee (رحمه الله) is reported as saying:

 من تبحر في النحو اهتدى إلى كل العلوم

”Whoever learns Arabic grammar throughly, is guided to all Islamic sciences.”

(al-Kaafi fi sharh al-Ajrumiyyah)

Note: the word tabah-hara تبحر means to study throughly, to penetrate deeply. 

Another word that shares the same root letters is “bahr” بحر – which means ocean. 

Both تبحر and بحر share the same root letters and as a result are connected in meaning. 

The word تبحر implies not just merely studying, but studying throughly and diving deep in one’s studies – like one who dives into the bottom of an ocean. 

Imam Suyooti mentioned in his “al-Itqaan ‘Uloom al-Quran” that one of the pre-requisites of a Mufassir is to be Mutabahhir متبحر (have deep thorough comprehension) of the Arabic language. متبحر is the verbal noun (or اسم فاعل) for the verb تبحر.

If you want to have true understanding of Islam and its sciences, you have to study and master the Arabic language.

Written on: 21st of Jumaada Awwal, 1438

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