3-letter root words where the first radical has a dhamma

Imaam al-Qurtubi, rahimahullah, in his tafsir mentioned a beneficial point regarding the pronunciation of certain nouns.

This benefit is regarding nouns that are constructed of three root letters.

If the first letter of these three letter words carries a Dhamma, then there are two permissible pronunciations:

1. Either the second letter can take a Dhamma

2. OR it can take a Sukoon.

For example:

عُسر Usur

Can be pronounced as:

U-sur (dhumma on the seen) عُسُر


‘Usr (Sukoon on the seen) عُسْر

Likewise with the words:

يُسُْر, هُزُْء, etc.

Extra Benefit:

This rule also applies to plurals that are on the scale of فُعُل (fu-‘ul).

Kutub كُتُب can be pronounced as Kut-b (Sukoon on taa).

Rusul رُسُل can be pronounced as Rus-l (Sukoon on seen).

‘Uwun عُوُن can be pronounced as ‘Uun.

Reference: Al-Jaami Li-Ahkaam al-Quraan: volume 2 pg. 180 (Checking by Dr. Abdullah At-Turki).

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