The Name of Prophet Yusuf يوسف Alayhis-Salaam

The name of Prophet Yusuf يوسف alayhis-salaam.

Yusuf يوسف is considered to be a non-Arabic name. The Prophet’s name is originally from the Hebrew language, but then it was Arab-ized into which we know today as “Yusuf”.

A scholar of the past, Abul Hasan al-AqTa’, was asked about the name “Yusuf” and how it is formulated. He said that the name is comprised of two words:

1. أسف (asif)

Which means to be sad, sadness or any other words close to this meaning

2. أسيف (aseef)

Which means servant.

These two meanings were both gathered in the story of Yusuf. Not only did he go through moments of sadness and grief but he also was a worshiping servant of Allah. It is for these reasons he was given the name Yusuf يوسف in the Arabic language.

Ma’aalim at-Tanzil by Baghawi and al-Jaami’ li-Ahkaam Al-Qur’an by Qurtubi.

In grammar, names that are not originally from the Arabic language can never take Kasra or Tanween on the last letter.

These are known as

ممنوع من الصرف

Instead, these names take fatha on the last letter in instances where they would normally take kasra.

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