How To Apply To Umm al-Quraa University (Makkah)

If you wish to apply to Umm al-Quraa University then you must complete an online application on the University’s Admissions Department website. The University no longer accepts paper applications.

*Please note that this page is controlled by a STUDENT of this University and not the admission department. We are only providing information in how to apply to this University*

Please click the “Apply” button below to start your online application:



1. Applicants should not be older than 23.

2. High school diploma

3. Transcript showing at least B grades (80% or higher).

4. Passport photos

5. Copy of passport

6. Birth certificate

7. Health records

8. High school transcript

9. At least two letters of recommendation from Islamic organizations (like a masjid) or Imaams/Du’aat.

*If female applicants are not applying with their spouse or brother then they must present proof of a male family member who is currently living in Makkah.

Contact information:

*If you are dialing from the United States put 011 in front of the numbers*

Phone: 966 12 556 2525

Fax: 966 12 554 2511


Mailing address:
Umm Al-Qura University
Arabic Language Institute
P.O. Box 3712
Makkah, Saudi Arabia 21955

Sincere Advice:

When you have completed your application put your trust in Allah and increase in acts of worship and obedience to Him. Renew your intentions as to why you want to travel and seek knowledge; is it to make your path to Jannah easy or is it to gain some worldly pleasure? Begin seeking knowledge now by: a) memorizing the Qur’an and b) learning Arabic. These are two very important keys in seeking knowledge. If you begin now then it will allow you advance faster in your studies and allow you to take advantage of your time in Saudia.

Make supplications every day to be accepted, take advantage of the last 3rd of the night, the time between the Adhaan and Iqaamah, between the two sermons on Jumua’ah, the last hour of Jumu’ah, Laylatul Qadr, and every time when supplications are most likely accepted.

Perform good deeds only for the sake of Allah and call upon Him to grant you acceptance through these deeds.

Learn the correct etiquette of making supplications, implement them and stay away from innovated affairs. Learn basic etiquette like:

-Praising Allah and sending salutations upon the Prophet (peace be upon him)

-Calling Allah by His suitable Names denoting His Generosity and ability to grant (al-Wahhab, Dhul Jalaali wal-Ikraam, al-Mannaan, etc)

-Being 100 percent certain that Allah will respond

-Not being hasty waiting for the response

-Having a present heart while supplicating

-Staying away from eating haram and earning haram wages

-Raising your hands (but not wiping yourself afterwards) and the many other etiquettes of making supplications…Refer to books and articles of scholars like Ibn Uthaymeen, Bin Baaz, Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr, Muhammad Raslaan and other scholars upon the Sunnah.

Translation Services:

Although not required, an application submitted with your original documents as well as translated copies will stick out to the admission office. It will show that the student is professional as well as serious in their acceptance, and Allah knows best. If you would like to use our translation services please send us a message via email:

And we will gladly translate your documents and review your application(s) for a small nominal fee.

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