Why Should You Donate?

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was asked, "Which act in Islam is the best?" He replied, "To feed the poor and the needy." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Living in Makkah we have seen numerous families afflicted with poverty and hunger. On a daily basis, hundreds of people beg for just 1 Saudi Riyal (equivalent to .33 cents) in order to buy food for themselves and their families. As an Ummah, it is our duty to assist - to the best of our ability - our fellow Muslims whenever they are in need. With Allah's success, and then your generous donations, we hope that this small initiative will aid us in feeding these poor Muslims for His Sake.

Reasons to Slaughter

1. Eid al-Adhaa
Sacrificing on Eid al-Adhaa is one of the greatest means to draw closer to Allah (Sublimed, The Exalted). Muslims all over the globe celebrate the ending of Hajj by sacrificing and commemorating the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim (upon him be peace).

2. 'Aqeeqah (Newborns)
Once a baby is born, it is highly recommended to slaughter a sheep (one for a girl and two for a boy) as a means of gratitude towards Allah for bestowing the tremendous bounty of having a child. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 
"Every child is in pledge for his 'Aqeeqah." (Nisaa'ee) 
Ibn Qayyim mentioned in "Zaad al-Ma'aad" (2/325) that some scholars said this hadith means if the 'Aqeeqah is not done for a child, then the child will be prevented from interceding for his parents.

3. Regular Charity 
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 
"Save yourself from Hell-fire even if it is by giving half a date-fruit in charity" (Bukhari)
Giving charity and feeding the poor is among the greatest means of saving oneself from the Hell-fire. In fact, there is a door in Jannah which is specifically for those who spend in Allah's cause - may Allah make us from them! 
This is an opportunity to spend and save yourself from the torments of the Fire before it is too late. Or you can donate on behalf of your deceased or alive beloved ones. Either way - with a sincere intention - you will be rewarded.

Why Should You Choose K2K?

Each slaughtering will be attended by Student(s) of Knowledge in Makkah who will ensure that the process is performed correctly according to the Islamic legislation. 

There will also be visual confirmation of the slaughtering process that will be sent to donors. We will also send visual confirmation that the meat was indeed distributed to the needy. 

Payment options 

1 Large Lamb $300
2 Large Lambs $500 ($100 discount)
3 Large Lambs $750 ($150 discount)
4 Large Lambs $1000 ($200 discount)

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