ABOUT Keys to Knowledge

Welcome to Keys To Knowledge.

We are an Islamic Institute focused on providing the "Keys To Knowledge" to many youth and college students across the world. Our mission is to cultivate and develop young aspiring students of knowledge by teaching them the necessary and fundamental tools which will aid them in their quest to Paradise.

Abu Awzaa'ee Abdus-Salaam

Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam was born and raised in New York City, and he reverted to Islam from Hinduism at the tender age of 18. His parents are from Guyana, South America.

After accepting Islam, he immediately began his journey learning the Arabic language under various teachers located in NYC. He completed his Bachelor of Arts at Hunter College under the major of World History. It was his love of Islam - particularly the Science of Hadith - that encouraged him to pursue a degree in the field of history.

By Allah’s permission, in 2014 Abu Awzaa’ee created his first website TryingToFollowTheSalaf.com. The purpose of the website was to translate and preserve benefits he came across his readings, and to connect his fellow Muslim college students with the knowledge of scholars that possess the correct understanding of Islam.

In 2015, “Keys To Knowledge” was created in an effort to help the youth of NYC in learning the Arabic language. Intensive courses were taught during winter and summer breaks from college.

In 2016, Abu Awzaa’ee was granted a scholarship to become a full-time student at the prestigious Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah al-Mukarramah. This is where he currently resides with his wife (who is also studying in the University) and children. May Allah aid him in goodness, grant him success in his studies, and protect him from all harms - aameen!

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Charity does not diminish wealth (Tirmidhi)

Charity extinguishes sins as water extinguishes fire. (Tirmidhi)

How will your donations benefit us?

Better Resources

Alhamdulillah, we at K2K try to provide the best resources to our students that lead to easier learning experiences. From guest speakers to free gifts,  learning materials, and more - your donations will help our students develop into true students of knowledge.


We STRONGLY believe that money should NEVER be an obstacle or barrier preventing a student from learning. This is why we always offer scholarship opportunities for our courses - free of charge. Imagine your donation benefiting a student and in return, you receive rewards for everything they learned...Subhaanallah!


We want to produce high-quality videos that simplify complex concepts in the Arabic language. Videos breaking down Quranic verses - both linguistically and in meaning - will help the Ummah in understanding WHY the Qur’an is such a miracle! Your donations will help cover these costs.

Aiding the Religion

Most importantly, your donations will aid in helping to spread knowledge of this beautiful complete way of life! By donating, it will allow us to reach more potential students, which will then lead to cultivating many young bright minds. This will help us to eradicate the plague of ignorance that is afflicting the Ummah, specifically the youth. This will save them from many evils, by Allah’s permission, and is enough reason to spend for the sake of Allah - may Allah accept!


And whatever you spend (in His cause) - He will compensate it; and He is the best of Providers. (34:39)

Allah is always in the aid of the servant so long as the servant is in the aid of his brother. (Muslim)