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We are an Islamic Institute based in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. Our mission is to cultivate and develop young aspiring students of knowledge - across the globe - by providing them the “Keys To Knowledge” in order to understand the Qur’an and Sunnah.

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I came to class with a view to learning basic rules of Arabic grammar and vocabulary - but what I ended up with was so much more. This course helped me with correct pronunciations of Arabic letters and day-to-day expressions.
Tasnuva N. | Stony Brook University | Arabic 101
This was the most interactive language class I've ever taken. We would have to converse in Arabic with each other in impromptu breakout sessions, stay attentive and prepared for spontaneous questions, read aloud in class to perfect our enunciation and write passages during dictation to practice writing. Br. Abdus-Salaam would often relate the Arabic we were learning with verses of the Qur'an, always leaving us in awe at how much of the Qur'an became accessible to us after each and every lesson.
Abdullah | City College | Arabic 101
This course was honestly THE BEST 15 DAYS EVER! It was fun and challenging. It helped open my mind to understand the Qur'an. I can honestly say that I can follow along and understand whenever the Qur'an is being recited.
Mariyam U. | Bronx Community College | Arabic 109
This course was a bounty from Allah. Not only did I learn Arabic, but I also attained true brotherhood with fellow students. Br. Abdus-Salaam was engaging and patient with us. This was extremely helpful because it produced an environment conducive to learning and an opportunity to make mistakes. At the same time, the instructor instilled within us lessons of diligence and determination for the sake of Allah.
Abu Jameel | SUNY Purchase | Arabic 101
This course was great, extremely beneficial, engaging and overall a calm learning environment. Having to learn Arabic as a second language himself, Br. Abdus-Salaam was able to relate to us and help us in succeeding to overcome the inevitable pitfalls that every student falls into.
Mohammad N. | City College | Arabic 101
This class was the answer to my du'a. I always wanted to learn Arabic but because of my busy schedule, I was never able to. Br. Abdus-Salaam made sure we all understood each lesson before moving on to a new lesson by providing numerous exercises. Also, at the beginning of each class, he would begin the class with a review session which helped us to recall everything that we previously learned.
Mamunur R. | Hunter College | Arabic 109
Alhamdulillah, only after 15 days I gained the skills the write sentences in Arabic and translate from Arabic to English! A particular part that I appreciated about the class was how the instructor always emphasized the importance of effort and diligence. Also, one of my favorite parts of the class was when our instructor would translate what recited in prayer. Learning the meaning of Qur'an was beautiful, but more importantly, it also made me realize how much I had been missing out on.
Khadijah R. | John Jay College | Arabic 109
I loved this class by our beloved instructor Abdus-Salaam. He was very patient in answering any questions the class had, and never got frustrated when we were a little slow at learning. He instilled confidence in me to listen to Arabic lectures with some understanding. I also learned from his manners in terms of correcting me in a gentle manner. His style of teaching is very unique!
Adam | Kingsborough | Arabic 101
We had such a great instructor. He simplified the language for us and connected each class to the knowledge of Islam. The classes were interactive and the homework only aided to strengthen our language skills. Not only did we take away knowledge of Arabic, but also stronger understanding of our deen, alhamdulillah!
Lamia M. | City College | Arabic 101
It was a blessing from Allah to be apart of a very enthusiastic and motivating class instructed by our beloved brother Abdus-Salaam. I had a great experience; it was very interactive, with everyone given the opportunity to ask and answer questions pertaining to the topic of discussion. This class was very simple to comprehend and I advise anyone who would like to learn to attend.
Muhammad S. | City Tech | Arabic 101



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